Noisy Vectra Seats ? - steveb
Anyone had a problem with previous model Vectra seats squeaking VERY loudly whilst cornering ? Mine's a '01Y 2.2LS, and only the radio turned up loud is keeping me sane at the mo.

Has anyone with this problem self fixed, or had rectified by dealer ?


Noisy Vectra Seats ? - David L
Can't help, I'm afraid, but YES!, my vectra seats do squeak loudly when cornering, or over bumpy surfaces. Only seems to be the front seats (to be fair, the back ones are hardly ever used), and oddly enough, it seems worse after the interior of the car has well and truly heated up; makes no sense to me.

FYI, Mine's a pre-facelift '96N TD, and I had just put it down to the age of the car, and the fact that.. well, I could do with losing some weight :)

Best of luck sorting it, and please let us know if you do, but I fear it may be one of those irritating traits we have to live with!

Good luck!
-David L.
Noisy Vectra Seats ? - Monaro
My 2000X old style Corsa SXi with sports seats does the same. It's very annoying.

Paul C
Noisy Vectra Seats ? - Dynamic Dave
I wouldn't say the squeaking is very loud on my Vectra, but it is still annoying at times. Makes you almost feel as if somethings about to break. If you've got seat height adjust, jack it up to its maximum and apply some wd40 to some of the hinged joints underneath. I've found mine squeaks the least at 2½ lifts of the height adjust lever (from the lowest setting) Trouble is when I get in or out of the car I nudge the lever down and lower the seat so the squeaking starts all over again. Much prefered the minature winder handle that was fitted to my previous Cavalier.
Noisy Vectra Seats ? - Dave_TD
Had this on the Octavia after about 100,000 miles. Did almost exactly as DD says above, ran the seat through its full range of movement but squirted white grease in all the joints. Problem solved.
Noisy Vectra Seats ? - steveb
FOLLOW UP - Spent some time this morning bouncing around in the seat trying to get a fix on the location of the squeak - the neighbours looked on a bit funny - however I managed to trace it to the seat back, in the middle about half way up. Made the most noise on lateral side-to-side movements. Therefore took the headrest off and squirted a load of WD40 down the holes. At the same time checked the lumbar support adjuster - have had it turned 'off' so far,ie at its minimum setting - so decided to give it a turn to put some tension into the mechanism.

*SO FAR* - only a few miles locally, both actions seem to have made a big difference, with a much reduced noise level - however will see what some more miles in the week bring ....

Noisy Vectra Seats ? - Dynamic Dave
took the headrest off and squirted a load of WD40 down the holes.

Oh dear! I do hope for your sake that the wd40 doesn't end up staining the seat covers from the inside out.
Noisy Vectra Seats ? - Dan J
Yet a further example of the disgraceful build quality on these cars.

My original 01Y 2.2LS went back to the dealer 3 times to rectify this issue (twice drivers, one passenger) and I have simply given up with the replacement using your method of stereo volume to drown the damn things out.

A windy country lane has the ability to cause, in those with a more stressed disposition, a minor stroke with the amount of noise these things make.

It is possible to pull the trim from the rear of the seat using a screwdriver if you're careful (noted from watching dealer) and I have done this and used WD40 myself. Only turned out to be a short remedy.

Friend with an 01Y SRi (half leather) has had the squab replaced in both his front seats and the blasted things still squeak like there are several hundred mice in there having an orgy.

50% HP point hits in 12 exactly 12 months from now. Am counting the days...

All the best!

Dan J


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