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Ford Ka overevving - Dave Yates
Wifes Ka is overevving while gear changing and throttle relaxed - as usual somewhat intermittent. Has been to garage who sent it to a reputable tuning & diagnostic outfit who can find nothing wrong but suggest "possible speed sensor fault" Nothing replaced.

Has anyone out there any similar experiences with Kas - any suggestions as to what problem & cure is gratefully accepted
Re: Ford Ka overevving - Simon Ridgers
Sorry David, no experience with a Ka, but my Focus does the same thing. The Revs are very slow to die and do increase sometimes when declutching with no throttle applied.

Its been back to the garage a number of times, and had a number of items replaced but its still doing it.

Other threads have mentioned the new emission rules and the need to burn fuel efficiently, but I've driven other cars that don't do it. I suspect Ford are not good at ECU software.
Re: Ford Ka overevving - Dave N
Suggest you go back to dealer and mention Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) 095/200 entitled 'Engine Idle Flare during Gear Changes', as this sounds like it could be the problem. It involves the replacement of the throttle position sensor (FPS) and wiring to it. It looks as though it is simply replaced and the wires splied to the existing loom. Time taken/charge should be 0.3 hours. You might also like to ask them why they haven't looked for this problem on the TIS disk, and therefore wasted your time and money.
Re: Ford Ka overevving - Dave Yates

Many thanks for that!
That sort of detail is well worth having - I'll see what they say
Re: Ford Ka overevving - honest john
Many thanks to Dave N. Have added this and the Focus clonking TSBs to the car by car breakdown at We don't get this information by magic. Only from people like you.


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