Good deal or what ? - volvoman
Mate of mine's just bought an Audi A4 1.8 saloon with 75k on the clock on an N plate. Immaculate inside and almost outside. No squeaks, rattles or wobbles at all !

The price £1000 ! Is that a good deal or what ?
Good deal or what ? - joe
sounds too good to be true! Hope it isn't though. This sounds like a half price car.
Good deal or what ? - mal
Tell him to get me one.
Good deal or what ? - volvoman
Yep, I thought so too - it was a private sale and the only thing that looked a bit worn on the car was the black vinyl gaiter on the gear selector.
Good deal or what ? - Tony N
When, what, where???? Gutted, still got 3 years of finance left on my P reg one! Thats damn cheap...
Good deal or what ? - Vansboy
Hope he did an HPI Check!!
Good deal or what ? - DavidHM
That's well under half price, even for something much leggier. £2300 is as low as I can see one going for, even in brown or white, at auction.

On the other hand, 75k and worn vinyl around the gearstick? That's something I've seen on A4s, but never below 120k.

And yes, please let him have done an HPI check. He could have been lucky and found someone gullible who had no idea how to value their car, but equally the car could have been stolen or written off and bodged.

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