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Squeal problem!

I’ve just brought 1990 golf and yesterday, something started squealing, and it WILL NOT stop. It happens almost all the time, but predominately in 1,2,3 gears when accelerating, in 4th it seems to stop (4 speed car).

Could you guys help me fix this? Its a very loud squeal too, a friend said it could be a bearing in the water pump, I have no idea.

Any help/ideas very much appreciated


ps the squeal sounds like dry metal or a rubber belt rubbing.
golf squealing - Dynamic Dave
Could be, Alternator drive belt. Clutch release bearing. To eliminate the alternator belt, try either spraying with wd40, or giving it a dusting with chalk dust to see if it shuts up for a short while or not.
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STOP DRIVING IT!!! Get the timing belt tensioner checked also check water pump and alternator for a siezed bearing. It may be just a slack beltbut if the cambelt tensioner is siezed the belt has moments to live before it overheats and breaks.

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