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I hope someone familiar with the 21st century can help me out. I have an ipod touch, not the latest, with my music library on it. I have an Arcam solo mini hifi. I can drive the hifi from the ipod using a cable from the headphone socket to an aux port on the hifi. Sound qulaity is first rate. I want to do this wirelessly. How?

I think i can buy a bluetooth dongle, plug it in to an aux port on the hifi, then enable bluetooth on the ipod, connect to the dongle, run the music app on the ipod, and bob's you uncle.

Have i got this right? Is this the best way? If so, are all bluetooth dongles good, or does output quality vary? If so, any recommendations?

Gosh this 21st century is complex ... I think I need a dummies guide to it.
Hifi, wifi, sci-fi - jamie745

I do not own any of the lovely sounding gadgety things you mention, but in theory a dongle should work, if it already works with a cable. Personally I'd get something with built in wireless, dongles are an a***.

Hifi, wifi, sci-fi - Leif
To partly answer my own question, it looks like I can stream from an ipod to an apple airport express, connected via a 3.5mm socket to an aux port on the hifi. Reviews suggest bluetooth has more limited range.
Hifi, wifi, sci-fi - Leif
For what it is worth, I picked up an Apple airport express, and my ipod can now send music across wifi, and have it converted to an analogue output for the hifi to play. I cannot distinguish the sound from the direct analogue output from the ipod.

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