Accident Feedback and One bent Carina - ian
Well for all of you who remember giving feedback on the uninsured carina bashed outside my house, thanks. The insurance co. have offered £1300 for a 1994 110k Toyota Carina which I don't think is too unfair. Question is they say I can keep the car (they don't want it), the inspector said it was repairable but not at his costs. He said it needs jigging out at the back three quarter panel. He also said it would sell as it is to the mini cab trade for repair. I only want to get rid of the car now. Do I try to get a cheap repair myself and sell it or sell it as is for say £300 to £400 to someone with more dodgy repair routes than me, the car is perfect apart from this the engine, gearbox and interior must be worth £700 to a mini-cabber???

The whole thing is a bit "chicken and egg" now, the car is bashed up, has no tax/mot/insurance so getting quotes for repair is a bit tricky but at the same time I know it is worth more than scrap but if it cost me £800-900 to fix it, I might as well sell it as is for £300 and save the aggro. Advice required?
Accident Feedback and One bent Carina - DavidHM
Auction it; they've given you a generous price and doubly so if you can keep it. If you could get it repaired for £800, you'd probably just about break even. Even then, you'd have to go through the hassle of an MoT, tax and insurance - don't know how much they'd cost but probably another a couple of hundred.

Unless you have a lot of time on your hands, the car should go for £300 complete at auction - maybe more, it could be your lucky day - and you can relax, comparatively, and get shot of the future dodgy minicab.
Accident Feedback and One bent Carina - Hugo {P}
This is quite typical of 3rd party claims.

My 1987 Peugeot 309 SRI with only 80,000 miles on the clock was valued at £600 pre accident and £0 salvage. I got a total of £125 for it and I kept the battery and stereo. What is the salvage value the insurers placed on your car? I suspect that they would have deducted this from the full pre accident value.

My advice to you would be to place it in your local free ads for an attractive price (say £500 to £600 depending on damage). I suspect you'll get mainly dealers coming to look at it, who will be able to bring some trade plates and their own insurance cover to take it for a spin and assess its worth to them.

If it can be driven safely, I wouldn't bother too much with the repair.

If you can park it off the road, then you have the option of breaking it. The bits are probably worth a fair bit. Alternitively, are there any Toyota specialists in your area that'll make you an offer for it?



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