Cavalier bump noise - Redser
Sounds like a lump in the tyre but had tyres checked. and all OK. Passed MOT OK and asked mechanic if he could see anything..nothing!. Seems to be related to wheel rotation speed. Slight feel of bump through steering but not much. Any ideas?
Cavalier bump noise - Dude - {P}
Difficult to tell without hearing this noise, but I had a similar problem with a SRi Cav, and it was traced to a rubber bush in the lower suspension arm. There was also a problem with bolts working loose, or breaking on the lower suspension arm, due to negligent use of car jacks. You need to get this checked out, as it could prove very dangerous.
Cavalier bump noise - Pete F
This could be due to the tyre being out of round. The mechanic would not notice this with a quick look. You can easily check yourself by jacking the wheel up and turning it while holding a fixed object near it. This will show if the tyre is round.
Cavalier bump noise - IanT
Are you saying that the noise is one bump per wheel rotation?

A long time ago, I had a Mini tyre which started to split in the tread, making the tyre bulge through the tread. I could feel that while driving. And it was dangerous.

But I think it likely you will find the noise is more random and therefore suspension related.

Cavalier bump noise - JL

Before pulling your hair out, Please check the tyre option by reversing front to rear tyre locations.

I have had a tyre fail as a result of internal decay of the wire reinforcing by rust. Externally the Michelin looked fine. However, it was next to impossible to note the slightly raised inner shoulder of the tyre covering about 5% of the diameter. The characteristic of this failed tyre (about 30% worn) was a loud rumble at speed, with the wheel source clearly identifiable by the noise location. I admit that the tyre was four years old approx.


Julian Lindley
Cavalier bump noise - Dynamic Dave
Need more info.
Does it do it at any speed? Is it worse at slower/faster speeds? Does it do it only when you turn the steering wheel? Does it only do it when you apply the brakes? Does it only do it when you hit a bump in the road?
Cavalier bump noise - Redser
Thanks to all for their help. Like most I'm convinced its a tyre problem. It will need a more careful eximination. I'll use spare and swap around untill I eliminate or not the problem. If it turns out to be something different, I'll let you know. Ta, Redser

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