Replacement VW tdi engine - Tim
Been given a rough quote for a replacement engine for a 90bhp Mk3 Golf TDI of £800 including fitting. Does this sound right to you guys? This is in the Southampton area.
Replacement VW tdi engine - cabsmanuk
I paid £2700 for a 90bhp tdi VW recon engine to be fitted to my Sharan. £800 seems a bit cheap. Where do they get the engine from? Scrap yard?
Replacement VW tdi engine - M.M
Yep far too could hardly get the parts for that.

The cheapest rebuilt engine I would trust to fit in your car would be almost £1500 plus vat, fitting, clutch and sundries.

Got to be £2K all in at least.

Noting wrong with a used unit as long as you accept the reduced condition/life over a proper exchange. What you don't want is a pressure washed used passed off as recon!


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