2.5l Vectra Rear Silencer - Richard Foster
Can anyone explain why a new 2.5l rear Vectra box costs 235 pounds whilst the 1.8l box is only 97 pounds (Vauxhall main dealer part only - incl VAT). I believe they both fit (One company website I visited was offering a rear box saying it fitted all Vectra Engine sizes). Can I get away with a 1.8l or a 2.0l box as a replacement on my 2.5l 1997 Vectra? Is it just a more effective sound deadener because of the internals? Would it be an MOT issue if it were a little more noisy?
2.5l Vectra Rear Silencer - IanT
Just guessing. The 2.5L box has to cope with a greater flow of air than the smaller engine boxes (bigger engine = more air flow at max power). So the silencer should be bigger and cost more - but £138 more - wow!

Fitting a smaller box would restrict the air flow and limit the max power available from your engine. But, provided it physically fits, you might be willing to put up with that.

To be an MOT issue, the noise level would have to be ridiculous. Think of those sporty types with full bore exhausts who have no problem getting MOTs.

2.5l Vectra Rear Silencer - Dynamic Dave
No connection with these people, and have never used them, but see how much they'll do you an exhaust for. By the looks of it, they supply Bosal and also give a 3yr warranty.

www.autovaux.co.uk is the main site page.

www.autovaux.co.uk/StockItem.asp?AVCode=AVFE&AVNo=...2 is the parts you're after (i think)
2.5l Vectra Rear Silencer - Richard Foster
Thanks for the advice & link. Tried Autovaux & e-mailed them -will wait for quote. I have a main dealer (Hartwells)warranty on the car.

Does anyone know if I fitted a non GM part (eg Bosal)will affect this warranty?

I really am finding it difficult to part with £235 for the GM part - a lot of money for a failed weld (wish I could weld!)- especially if a £90 1.8l box would be adequate.
2.5l Vectra Rear Silencer - al-yeti
see if you can get it from here parts are cheaper

2.5l Vectra Rear Silencer - al-yeti
ps they are vauxhall breakers sorry forgot to say that.
2.5l Vectra Rear Silencer - John S

On a Vectra of that age, the most significant visual difference is that 2.0l and below have a single tailpipe, and 2.5's have twin tailpipes. There are undoubtedly other internal differences on the various models available. Don't forget the same aftermarket silencer will be listed for several models mainly to sell more silemcers but it won't necessarily be optimum for all.

My '96 Vectra 2.0l was close to needing a new rear box when I sold it and that was about £100 (ATS price) 2 years ago. The comment was made then that there were a variety of different vectra silencers available even for the same engine size, but it was important to match to the original.


John S
2.5l Vectra Rear Silencer - Richard Foster
Thanks for all the info. In the end I undid 2 bolts, whipped off the box & flanged pipe bit that had corroded away. Gave it to a very capable friend to weld the pipe back onto the box (£15 for his time. Its back on now - he says its now got at least another years life in it!
Thanks again, RF
2.5l Vectra Rear Silencer - Crombster
Vauxhall sell two types of exhausts for their cars over the parts counter. The OE exhaust is very high quality and will last for a long time. My old Omega clocked up 100k and 6.5 years on the one system. Again though the replacement cost of that system was £700.

They also sell aftermarket style exhuasts at a greatly reduced price, but its bog standard kwik fit style offerings without any chrome tail pipes or such like.

You get what you pay for I guess.

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