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evening, my brother in laws 53 plate golf tdi arl engine died on him last night and won't restart. he said it just cut out and wouldn't go again. ive had it on vagcom and no fault codes are showing, the car will fire and run briefly if i spray carb cleaner down the air intake. you can hear the lift pump prime when you turn the ignition on and i can draw fuel all the way round the system to the thermo switch at the fuel filter using a hand vacuum pump im now at a loss as to what to check next.

ive removed the rocker cover, the camshaft looks in good condition, i was hoping to be able to examine the output from the cam mounted tandem pump but this doesn't seem possible, is there a way to test the tandem pump? i doubt all 4 injectors have gone together and if one had i would expect a fault code and some running issues but the car was running fine, is there anyway to test the lift pump aswell apart from listening for it priming?

any help would be appreciated


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Volkswagen Golf IV - mk4 golf tdi arl won't start - elekie&a/c doctor

There is a test port on the side of the tandem pump to which it is possible to attach a fuel pressure gauge.

Volkswagen Golf IV - mk4 golf tdi arl won't start - thomp1983

Thanks for the reply, do you know what sort of pressure there should be?


ter a bit of thinking overnight when you remove the fuel pipe from the lift pump at the fuel filter and switch the ignition on and the lift pump primes you don't get a massive rush of fuel from the pipe so ive a sinking feeling ive missed the obvious in making sure there's fuel in it instead of relying on the gauge. Can you confirm my thinking in that there should be a reasonable amount of fuel being supplied to the fuel filter as the lift pump primes?chris

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Volkswagen Golf IV - mk4 golf tdi arl won't start - thomp1983

Turns out it was out of fuel, ive found how to recalibrate the fuel gauge with vagcom so will do so at the weekend. Also found the egr and inlet manifold are caked in sludge so will remove and clean them too



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