Clutch Shudder problems - Tony Campbell
I have a 97 Vauxhall Vectra 1.8LS. Once the car warms up after say 20mins,
I am experiencing something that feels like clutch shudder in first gear only.
I have a recon engine fitted approx 6 months ago and a new clutch. Unfortunatly there was a oil leak in the new engine, and I am not sure if this got into the gearbox/clutch. I have brought it back to the garage that fitted the engine and they took it to a Vauxhall Main dealer who says there is no fault with the clutch.
Has anyone got any ideas.

Tony Campbell in Enfield Middx
Re: Clutch Shudder problems - Mark
what happens if you try to pull away in 2nd gear ?
Re: Clutch Shudder problems - Mark
Tony said it pulls away ok.

When I have had clutch shudder, it still occurs in second gear although perhaps more difficult to spot because of increased clutch slipping.
Clutch judder - David
Hmm this sounds as though there is (or has been) oil on the clutch friction plate, causing take-up judder
I wonder where, in fact, the recent oil leak was?
Re: Clutch judder - Andrew
Clutch judder = knackered clutch. Either the new clutch is faulty in which case you could get it changed under warranty. But try getting a labour refund thats a different matter. Sometimes mechanics are a bit over zealous with the copper grease on the spigot shaft which then spins off into the clutch.Or the oil leak has contaminated the friction plate. Whichever way its a gearbox out job and at the very least a new friction plate. Which is why the garage can't find anything wrong!!!!!
Engine mounts? - David Woollard
It does sound like a clutch or oil contamination fault but have you thought of weak/damaged engine mountings.

I have just replaced two of the three mounts on an Escort. They were so bad the engine shuddered enough to loosen the exhaust manifold nuts.

Re: Engine mounts - Mike Jacobs
It is also worth checking the engine mountings(stabilizer bar if fitted). You might not have anything wrong with the clutch. Anything loose here can cause judder in a low gear.

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