Peugeot 306 Problem1 - 156v6
Hi, I have a 1995 306 D Turbo, but it came without a handbook.

I'm trying to identify a warning light that occasionally comes on on the dashboard, so was wondering if anyone knows of any instrument panel diagrams on the net? I have a Haynes manual but theres nothing in there.

The same applies to the fuse box - Theres a buzzing from one of the relays occasionally which I'd like to identify.


Peugeot 306 Problem1 - Andrew-T
Try describing the location and appearance of this warning lamp. Could it be the 'water-in-fuel' for example?
Peugeot 306 Problem1 - 156v6
Thanks for the reply. The warning light is on the LHS of the instrument panel, about half way up. Roughly rectangular in shape with the bottom half lit up. Possibly a picture of an engine??

Dont know about the water in fuel light - I dont have a handbook to identify any of the lights???


Peugeot 306 Problem1 - tone
My gfs pug had a warning light problem, which flashed every so often, it wasn't in the manual, cant remember exactly what it looked like. But it was the coolant level
Peugeot 306 Problem1 - Andrew-T
Phil - sounds as if my first guess may be right. This lamp lights yellow/orange, and the shape represents the fuel filter with 2 stubby arms at the top and the bottom half, as you say, lit. Manual says 'risk of damage to injection pump'. Sounds as though fuel-filter change is overdue, cheap enough.

But if you are doing what has been suggested for Problem 2, you may have emptied it already?
Peugeot 306 Problem1 - IanT
1993 306s have the following warning lights (reading from the handbook):

Left side (orange)
Top = Water in fuel filter
Middle = Choke on (not fitted on diesels)
Bottom = Pre-heat on (glowplugs)

Top middle (orange), above the indicator lights
Left = Brake pad wear warning
Next = ABS warning
Next = Engine diagnostic warning
Right = Not fitted

Bottom middle (red)
STOP = STOP (major fault)
Left = Handbrake and low brake fluid warning
Middle = Battery charge warning
Right = Oil pressure warning

Peugeot 306 Problem1 - 156v6
Awesome, thanks for that. I guess it must be the Water in fuel. Drained and new filter being fitted today.

Thanks for all the help on this thread. Now just problem 2 to fix...


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