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Skoda Superb - Skoda Superb Advice needed - TR7

I am looking at buying a second hand Superb. I drive aprox 35k a year. My budget is about 10 - 11k. Has anyone got one and are there any issues? Are the greenline models underpowered?

Skoda Superb - Skoda Superb Advice needed - Avant

With that sort of mileage you'll benefit from the bigger 2.0 TDI: make sure you get the common-rail diesel, not the old unreliable PD engine. As I suggested in the thread asking about a Golf 2.0 TDI, find one with a full service history and neither too many or too few miles. And check when the cambelt is due to be changed.

The hatchback is less desirable than the estate, so you'll get a newer one for your money if you don't mind the looks. At 35,000 a year you'll be inside it most of the time, so what it looks like from outside is less important!

Skoda Superb - Skoda Superb Advice needed - oldtoffee

Nice car, good choice for potential relaibility and importantly your comfort. I'd recommend you get a good VAG independent to look after it and keep it in good order. Thats nearly a cambelt and water pump change every year plus a big service and a couple of oil and filter changes. If possible I'd go for 17" wheels over 18" for the comfort and lower tyre prices.


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