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Tappets - LHD Audi
My German motor has done a 115k (A4 1.8 20v, 95N) great car and all that, change oil at 5k, cam belt at 40k, plugs & filters every year, etc. Follow the old HJ bible...

But the engine is begining to sing like a sewing machine, well slight exageration, but certainly never 'tinkered' like this before, or not that I noticed. Its definately the tappets.

What does anyone think, I don't want to sell it, as at best it is only worth £3.5-4k, it is fully loaded, reliable and I like it. Should I have it seen too? it seems to make no difference in performance. What happens if I don't do anything?

The thing obviously I am most worried about is permanent damage to the engine.

Oh... I do like British cars as well as long as they are kit cars made in Dudley.....Have a Westfield Megblade for w/e's ;-) The audi is there to tow it...
Re: Tappets - Michael
i cured a similar problem on my old cavalier at 140k by using a good flushing oil and then refilling with synthetic oil and replacing the filter. The problem was varnish build up in the hydraulic tappets causing restricted movement in one or more of the units. What oil are you using at present?
Tappets - David Lacey
If the noise is not too severe, then I would be tempted to ignore/live with it.
It will probably get worse as the miles pile on - but it will do little harm to the rest of the engine.

Otherwise, a new set of hyraulic tappets should quieten proceedings down.
Budget about £8-£11 per follower *8 plus gaskets and seals
As you say you have never tinkered before, you would best entrust this work to a competant specialist - any errors here could prove very costly!

My advice, along with others here, is NOT to flush a high mileage engine
It will disturb the laquers and carbon seals that have built up over the cars life
Removing these will increase the oil consumption

Re: Tappets - Alvin Booth
Why are you sure its the tappets???????

Re: Tappets - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd)
I concur with David but before doing anything recheck the tension on the cambelt. A loose belt will rattle the camshaft.
Re: Tappets - LHD Audi
Thanks guys.

Think I will live with it for a while and see how it is in 6 months time.

Someone at Aircool (VW, Audi specialists, London) listened to it and said it was the tappets and that I would be looking at £300 to sort out....I just wanted an another view..

I will check the tension on the cambelt out...
Re: Tappets - Piers
I'm surprised you can hear anything after driving a Megablade, are you sure it's tappets and not tinnitus?

Re: Tappets - Michael
Doing nothing is an option but you should be aware of the risks

1 - if the noise is due to a sticking hydraulic tappet, there is a danger that it
will progressively stick more.

2 - by even partially sticking, it is causing extra wear on the cam lobe and will
eventually destroy it.

3 - if it sticks completely it could destroy the cam lobe in short time.

The risk of using a flushing oil (or similar additive like Wynns at the oil change) is that it might dislodge a build up of carbon or varnish elsewhere in the engine and cause more problems. However, you have averaged 19k a year. If that was mainly motorway type driving and you have been using a decent oil, the risk is not high.

By using the flushing oil method, you risk disturbing seals, etc. By doing nothing, you risk the price of a new camshaft.

Alternatively, replace the hydraulic units sooner rather than later.
Re: Tappets - Bill Doodson
My old Passat had rattly tappets which I changed at about 110K miles. They started to tap again at about 135K, I always cured it by flushing the engine with Wynns engine flush and then putting in a semi synthetic oil (Granville) from my local trade autoparts dealer. New tappets should be available from Euro Car Parts for about £6 each, VAG will want about £25 for the same parts made in the same factory. If you decide to change them, do them all even if only one or two are rattling, its a pain having to take everything off a second time a couple of months later.
Car failed on the body work at 15 years and 155K so off the the great VAG garage in the sky. RIP.
Re: Tappets - LHD Audi
well the tinnitus is going to be hereditary, so you might be right....but you simply can't wipe the smile off your face when driving along in it!!!

They had a report on the Westfield Tiger in Autocar the other week (two motorcycle engines) which is simply ridiculous! It is already way fast enough...unless you are on two wheels.

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