Fiesta 52 reg - Radio code - mikeymoo999

I recently had to disconnect my battery and as a result i have lost the radio requiring a code. I have got the seriel number as SJH DSP 643 03 255 (by pressing 1 and 6 and the same time) however i seem to be able to only get the code for M or V serial numbers online.

I work as a paramedic and am on nights for the next week nights so taking it to a shop is not always possible, and as you can imagine music on the drive home somehow keeps me away.

Any help mucho appreciated.....

Fiesta 52 reg - Radio code - elekie&a/c doctor

You need to press and hold butttons 1 and 6.The screen will then scroll through a load of nonsense and eventually will display a 6 digit number starting with the letter M.If this does not work ,then the radio will need to be removed to get the serial number from the white stick on label.I guess your car will be fitted with the 3 tier radio system that can be a real pain to remove.hth

Fiesta 52 reg - Radio code - mikeymoo999

looks like it will need to be removed as using the navi knob or any other buttons just sends me back to the code input screen....

Thanks for the help

Fiesta 52 reg - Radio code - Galaxy

Ford Main Dealer can probably do it from the Registration or VIN numbers.

However, they will probably charge you ££££s!

Best if you can pull the radio out to get the Serial Number, then post here again with it.

Fiesta 52 reg - Radio code - mikeymoo999

thanks very much for your help in this matter....ill have to pop into a radio place as i thin they will be cheaper than ford direct....

Looks like and ipod and headphones for me to keep me awake now!!! ha ha ha


Fiesta 52 reg - Radio code - elekie&a/c doctor
the other option is to go to a Ford dealer armed with 20 documents of id and see if they can provide the pin code from the chassis doubt you will have to pay through the nose for this.hth

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