Rover 75 - Bonnet release problem - TW2

I have two Rover 75's and have had a big problem to open the bonnet on both cars. I eventually manage to open the bonnet on one car on which only one of the two catches was holding by prising it open enough to unbolt the top part of the catch. On the other car I had to take off the drivers side front wheel and remove the inner wing lining. I could then with difficulty get my hand up to the cable junction box and pull the cable a bit more to release the bonnet. I believe the problem is due to the junction box and its housing and the pull lever inside the car being made from soft and stretchy plastic. I am about to remake all in metal--probably in brass. Any comments would be welcomed.

Rover 75 - Bonnet release problem - elekie&a/c doctor
I think you will find that it is the 2 relay cables and bonnet latches that seize up .This causes the plastic junction box to fall apart and the primary cable,from the internal release lever to stretch.hth
Rover 75 - Bonnet release problem - TW2

Many thanks for your reply. I think that this could be a contributory cause on badly maintained cars or those used in bad weather conditions in UK but with my cars in sunny Cyprus corrosion is not an issue and the locks were well lubricated. I am a design engineer and would never have approved the weak construction using plastics. When the lever is pulled the whole thing feels stretchy and gets to the end of its travel before the bonnet is released. Lubrication is of course essential. I will remake mine using metal components and in due course will report results.


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