Mercedes W203 C220 Diesel - No throttle black smoke - Aaron75

C220 CDI W203 No throttle Revs stutter

I have a 2006 CDI OM64Engine. I recently had the Turbo changed, but the car was running rough and no throttle past 2000 stuttering and choking, All oil was and the Turbo was not operating. Ive had the Cats cleaned Turbo Intercooler pipes EGR and all vaccum pipes checked cleaned and checked for leaks. Also checked O rings Fuel feed pipes everything fine. There's no DPF on this car either.
The only Significant Code that came up stated
'No low Airflow to Charge' and there were secondary codes stating
low pressure from fuel pressure rail sensor
Low temp from charge sensor
Checked cleaned sensors and they're operating fine Also fuel pressure test confirmed no problem there.
However when we disconnected the MAP sensor from near or on top of the EGR valve the Car would rev fine from idle and you can hear the Turbo operating (also the Turbo Actuator was checked and is fine, not throwing up codes ie low boost etc) but when driving there was lack of power and the Turbo wasn't kicking in as it usually does.
Could it be the EGR Valve ? My mechanic did clean it and said spring valve was clogged but said the sensor plug could have burnt out? But no codes coming up stating EGR just 'Low Air Flow to charge' (charge is turbo all Intercooler pipes and vacuum pipes been checked) or could it be the MAP sensor ?
Changing parts and sensors unduly is going to be costly any ideas ? Is it worth changing the MAP sensor could that be faulty or is he sensor working fine because when plugging the make plug back in the car runs rough and refuses to rev thus could it be EGR ?
Mercedes W203 C220 Diesel - No throttle black smoke - elekie&a/c doctor

Looks like a faulty egr valve .This will affect all the intake air flow and map/maf readings.hth

Mercedes W203 C220 Diesel - No throttle black smoke - cws

First off I would find a garage who have access to the proper MB diagnostics tool - Mercedes Benz STAR (that is if your garage you're using doesn't already have it). Other than MB main dealers, any reputable MB indy garage should be using STAR. STAR can tell you so much more about what is going on and gives the ability to run various in-depth cars etc.

Secondly, I'd also post this message on one of the dedicated MB forums - try or

Mercedes W203 C220 Diesel - No throttle black smoke - cws

One other thing, the turbo actuator may have been checked that it is working BUT has it been calibrated? I'm guessing it won't be an issue if the turbo was supplied with the actuator but if the old one was used then it will need calibrating. The actuators fitted to these turbos are electronically controlled and they need be set-up/calibrated once fitted - something like a hundred+ positions that the actuator can move between, but these will be individual to the turbo/engine.

Good luck. Btw why did you have a new fitted in the first case? The OM646 engine isn't known for having turbo issues - the variable vanes don't suffer with vanes gunking up/sticking open (leading to overboost) as they run very 'clean'. However, as with all turbo-diesels, regular oil changes are key to long turbo life.....

Mercedes W203 C220 Diesel - No throttle black smoke - Aaron75
I have changed the EGR Valve and the MAP sensor but still no joy !
How do you calibrate the Turbo Actuator ?
Mercedes W203 C220 Diesel - No throttle black smoke - Aaron75
Also should add that the Actuator was taken off the old Turbo
Mercedes W203 C220 Diesel - No throttle black smoke - Aaron75
The old actuator remained with the car and the old turbo was sent off for exchange unit. I have since sent the new turbo back with the old actuator to get them both Calibrated to each other. I am hoping this will cure the lack of throttle and choking. Would the actuator cause the car to not rev up and splutter ???
Mercedes W203 C220 Diesel - No throttle black smoke - cws

It may/may not be the source of the issues but you need to rule it out.

If the problems persist after re-fitting the turbo, then you're going have to find an MB independent who has MB STAR diagnostic.


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