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Renault Clio - 2004 - Clio Making Noise - ParkerM

Hi All,

I own a Clio and every time I go around a corner there is a ratteling noise like something is rolling around on the floor. I have checked the floor (Only a small car so didn't take long) and there is nothing there that can be rolling around under the seats etc.

The noise is coming from behind the drivers seat and sounds like its in the passengers foot-well.

I just can't figure out what is making the noise.

Help Welcome.


Renault Clio - 2004 - Clio Making Noise - ParkerM

Hi All,

I thought I would come back on here to tell you what the problem was with my Clio. After a lot of looking and messing around I couldn't find the problem, so I decided to take it to a garage.

I jumped online and found an www.approvedgarages.co.uk gargae close to me with good reviews. So took it in and they took a look at it and told me the fuel tank needed dropping.

This was because there is some sort of ball inside that had come loos and was rolling around in my fuel tank and causing the knocking sound.

So if you own a Clio and can hear a knocking sound from the back you now know what it may be.


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