Warning! Volvo & Chrysler a/c - Dave N
Just thought I'd let you all know about a worrying trend of evaporator failures on 850/V70 and all Chryslers

The evaporator is the part under the dash that gets cold. On all the above vehicles it is buried away in the heater box, and this requires, on Chrylers anyway, complete removal of the dash. Airbags out, column down, centre console removed, the whole shooting match you see in front of you as you drive. Volvo 850's only need a partial strip, but still a big job.

I was at a Chrysler garage last week and they had had 4 in that week alone. Bear in mind I have only done 3 in the last 2 years. Most evaporators last a lifetime, but these are lasting between 2-4 years on average. Interestingy, in the US, Chrysler was forced by consumer pressure to extend the warranty on this part to 7 years. Cost of the entire job is about £1000, bit less for Volvos. It is also hard to diagnose, so don't be fobbed off with a simple recharge until the warranty runs out. If any of these vehicles needs substantial gas in the first 5 years, then you have a leak. In order of time to failure, it seems to be Grand Cherokees 1st, then Voyagers and Neons, then Cherokees last. On Voyagers, it sometimes takes the compressor with it, spreading remnants throughout the whole system, particularly if it has rear a/c as well.

Those with 850/V70's should take a lok at the bulletin board at www.volvoclub.org.uk.

Other makes that have had the same problem, but now seem to have fixed it, are Ford Galaxy & variants, and Audi A4's.

HJ: You mught like to add this to your comments against Chryslers.
Re: Warning! Volvo & Chrysler a/c - honest john
Many thanks, Dave. I'll upload this to the car by car breakdown.


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