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Hi. Seen lots of posts concerning eac faults on fiesta 1.4tdci. I had the same issue and my car would not idle. It would misfire and an eac fail warning would come up. I had a friend pump the primer while it was left to idle and it continued to run until he stopped pumping the primer. I popped the primer out if the bracket and allowed the primer to follow a less restricted routing as the pipes seemingly were kinked. In no time the car was able to idle without pumping the primer. I then disconnected all injectors and the main round connection to the rear of the engine which supplies the injectors with power. I then sprayed them all with wd40 and re-fitted them. Since then, it is running like a watch with no eac fault at all. Although the eac fault can be triggered by a faulty throttle pedal, poor connections can cause havoc so before spending on injectors, pumps and expensive Ford dealer diagnostics, do what I did and see if it makes a difference before going down the expensive route. Hope this helps.


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