Merc E Class problems - SimonH
My wife has a 25,000m E320CDi (9/2000 vintage)with a few problems, neither of which the dealer has been able to find.

First one is a strange 'flapping' noise from the O/S rear wheel, which appears intermittently when pulling away. We've checked the tyres etc.

Lastly, the steering intermittently groans around the centre line at all speeds. If you turn off the engine and restart it often disappears for the next few days, especially if the dealer starts it up,,,,,

As an aside, do any other readers have a disintegrating carpet? Although it's as dry as a bone, the black carpet has worn away where the (genuine parts) floor mats edges are.

PS: My brother had the car from new and it is UK MB supplied, so we know the mileage and the provenance.

Any suggestions appreciated (apart from the "I'll offer you 50 quid for it " variety!)


Merc E Class problems - Simon Templar

Simon, The carpet most certainly should not be disintegrating, especially at that age & mileage.
I assume that you are not DIY & havent had the wheel off & look
round the O/S brake/underbody yourself.
The groaning noise is power steering malfunction-possibly pump.
Surely the car is still under warranty? If current agent is not giving you positive answers- go to another & get written answers.
Simon T.
Merc E Class problems - Marcos{P}
Having owned M.B.s for a few years now I would say the carpet disintegrating is not acceptable as when my footmat became worn my dealer just changed it free of charge. As previously said if it's still under warranty insist they sort the problems out.
Just out of interest is the dealer owned by Mercedes or a large franchise? I ask this because several people have said the garages now owned by Mercedes are giving superb customer care whereas the large franchised dealers now appear to be getting worse.
Best of luck with the problems


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