Dealer Stickers/Badges - Stuart B
Something totally totally unimportant which I have wondered about for years.

Why do people drive around for *ever* with those free adverts for the supplying dealer in the back window?

Plus has anyone ever taken to task a dealer who supplies the car, not just with a placky sticker in the rear screen but an actual advertising badge stuck on the boot lid/rear panel?
Re: Dealer Stickers/Badges - Tom Shaw
Because the bl***y things won't come off; at least not without taking half the screen heater element with them.
Re: Dealer Stickers/Badges - Darcy Kitchin
My business partner who has qualifications in marketing insists that his cars are supplied with no advertising, nothing on the no. plates, no sticker on the rear screen and no personalised tax disk.

It's something you need to sort out at delivery time before you part with the payment, if you feel strongly enough.
Re: Dealer Stickers/Badges - peter charnley

I couldn't agree more. Some people even put up with spare wheel covers plastered with the dealer advertisement. Citroen go one further, it took a while to get the Citoen/ Total badge from the outside of the rear screen. Meths helped a lot.

Re: Dealer Stickers/Badges - Marc
Best way to remove is by warming up the sticker adhesive with a hair dryer. This way it doesn't remove the heating element with it and simply peels off. Meths or neat alcohol removes the sticky residue afterwards

They are a bloody nuiance. even servicing garages put them on now - next to the dealer sticker!
Re: Dealer Stickers/Badges - Andrew Tarr
.. .. and the longer you leave them there the harder they get to remove .. ..
Re: Dealer Stickers/Badges - Marc
While you're on the subject. How about cheapskate dealers who place a yellow strip sticker over the original main dealer number plates (although my local Vauxhall agent does this also) Easy to remove, but tacky nonetheless
Re: Dealer Stickers/Badges - Perky Penguin
If you have to have something on your 4 x 4 wheelcover, I think a dealer name is better than a technicolour rhinocerous (spelling?) and some naff slogan like Free to be Wild or No Fear! What a load of rubbish! (IMHO). Oh, and they are usually on rubbish 4 x 4s too!
Re: Dealer Stickers/Badges - John Regin
Don't particularly care about free advertising for the dealer (if they're any good!), but why do they always place the damn thing where it interferes most with your view in the mirror?
Re: Dealer Stickers/Badges - Chris Wardle
Exactly so !

When I bought a new Toyota some years ago, which does not have the greatest rear visibility I've known, I asked the Dealer to remove all the labels from the rear screen. Toyotas own and the Dealers above it to improve the rear visibilty. Asking them to do it (which to be fair they did without comment or complaint) I think made the point to them. And if there was any problem with damaged heater elements it was going to be down to them !
Re: Dealer Stickers/Badges - honest john
Of course, if a 4x4 with a dealer spare wheel cover breaks down, we all know where the poor sucker bought it and will avoid that dealer like the plague.

Re: Dealer Stickers/Badges - Michael Thomas
I bought a Pug 106 from new years ago and the dealership stuck a sticker in the back window.

Seeing as they had totally screwed up my order and delivery was 3 weeks late, this was the final straw.

From what I remember I said something like 'So what the deal with the advertising, do I get free servicing then ?'

The dealer looked puzzled. So I pointed to the sticker and followed it up with .... 'If I endorse your dealership, what's in it for me ?'

Needless to say, the sticker was removed shortly afterwards.

They put the dealership name on the reg plates anyway. I didn't charge them for that.
Re: Dealer Stickers/Badges - Jonathan

Ever thought of selling stickers?

Or even wheel covers (with your wonderful mugshot on)?

I'm sure there would be a ready market?

just in time for xmas too.
.. remember those Curry Motors badges? - Colin M
Anyone remember those really tacky Curry Motors plastic chrome badges they used to stick on the back of all their new and used cars?

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