KUng Hei Fat CHoy! - GRowlette
I'm Growlette and I hope it is OK to make this post.

Growler says I shouldn't say "hello boys' because it means some ad or something you have over there and that would make you laugh. Well hullo boys anyhow.

I been following this thread on stupid riding and as you know we are both dedicated bikers. I am still learning (I have a Virago) and I love it. please all you boys on 2 wheels ingat ka (that's take care in Filipino). Crazy riding isn't clever. Reading this I get some good tips on good behavior on the road. I don't know how you handle that cold weather, Growler was giving me a hard time because I said I was cold and he said what you talking about it's 21 C. Cold for me anyhow. We are at the beach right now, wow BIG surf and it's nice to get out of the city. We got the bikes lined up on the beach and there's a little bar with cold San Miguels and nice music. Many Westerner guys here have local girlfriends, some have their own bikes and some of the girls just backride. You know Manila is one the four most polluted cities in the world. Our traffic is unbelievable, sometimes 45 mins just to go 500 meters. But get out of town and we have good highways and our countryside is beautiful with friendly people.
Gas is cheap!!

I tried to put up a website on the PC one time with a link for you so we could show you some pix, Growler said I messed it up. Didn't work anyway. We'll try again.

Social note only I don't know if that's allowed, sorry if not. I read all the posts here, it is a good insight into UK culture and life. Thanks everyone and KUNG HEI FAT CHOY! That's Happy NY in Chinese which starts today!. Year of the Goat. Long and happy life every one.

KUng Hei Fat CHoy! - J Bonington Jagworth
"We got the bikes lined up on the beach and there's a little bar with cold San Miguels and nice music.."

Hmm - it sounds awful, Growlette :-)

Anyway, KUNG HEI FAT CHOY to you and Growler. Your bike sounds nice...
KUng Hei Fat CHoy! - patpending
KUNG HEI FAT CHOY one and all!


(oops - I thought it was the year of the Sheep!)
KUng Hei Fat CHoy! - bafta
Growlette, (Growler's mahal kita)
KUng Hei Fat CHoy! - THe Growler
Barry 0-0 naman! Mahal kita ko! Ma alam Tagalog ka? Mayroon ka Filipina girlfriend? Pagbisita ito ka? Ingat ka, puwede Mark he get annoyed.

Anyway mabuhay ang Pilipinas if you ever get here and I will ring the bell (I'm sure you know what that means).

Sorry all. Yes can also be Year of the Goat, Ram or Sheep. It should be a calm year by rights, although int'l events seem to be dictating otherwise.

We will get that web page sorted so we can communicate this stuff outside of the BR. Apologies to Mark and our generous host HJ withoutn wehom none of this would be possible and thanks for his/their forbearance.

Drive carefully (motoring).

Alis no ka me

KUng Hei Fat CHoy! - Dave_TD
Heard on the radio last night:

Can't believe it's the new year already, I've only just got used to drawing a horse on my cheques!

Greetings to all,

KUng Hei Fat CHoy! - bafta
Kumusta ka na Growlette,
It looks like you've started something here as, already, Volvette is expressing an interest so I think that you will need you own discuusion group soon along the lines of 'life with the petrolheads'.
Thanks for your reply. I will probably visit there before the end of the year. I first came to the Philippines in 1986 and have a mestizo son who is about to start a GAP year before university. He will be coming to the Philippines for six months because he thinks that he is good looking enough to model! He will probably end up in a Taglish advert.
I like the idea of riding bikes in the sun. It has been very snowy here in East Anglia. When I rode a bike in Mindoro I got battered to death by small insects. How do you deal with that?
Malgayang pagdating. Hanggang sa muli. Regards to the Growler.
Barry na taga Inlatera.
Barry 0-0 naman! Mahal kita ko! Ma alam Tagalog ka? Mayroon
ka Filipina girlfriend? Pagbisita ito ka? Ingat ka, puwede Mark he get annoyed.

> Anyway mabuhay ang Pilipinas if you ever get here and I
will ring the bell (I'm sure you know what that means).

KUng Hei Fat CHoy! - volvoman
KHFC and very best wishes to you both too !

Are we going to start a trend involving posts from 'other halves' ?

Not sure the tag 'Volvette' works though, so I think we'll be sticking to Mrs V.

Let's all hope 2003 isn't gonna be as bad as it's starting to look ! Fingers crossed all :-)
KUng Hei Fat CHoy! - Dave_TD
Are we going to start a trend involving posts from
'other halves' ?

Worryingly, this has been mentioned in our house too...
KUng Hei Fat CHoy! - volvoman
Perhaps we'll soon have to set up a 'snug' in the BackRoom DTD. Otherwise we'll soon have nowhere 'safe' in which to whinge! Regards.
KUng Hei Fat CHoy! - Phil I
Hi Growlette. A happy Chinese New Year to you and the Owd Fella.
nb. when referring to girls 'back riding' would be perhaps better to use 'ride pillion'
Still having probs with my scanner but should sort it in next few weeks.

Happy Motoring Phil I
KUng Hei Fat CHoy! - THe Growler
HJ...ANYTHING with a V-8 in it sounds good to me, Camaro, Trans-AM, Mustang...

outta here

Big G.
KUng Hei Fat CHoy! - GRowlette
Thanks everyone for your greetings. Anyway not to waste the time of this site but for sure I will post some pix somehow n let you know.
I will put my bio up also and maybe your partners might like to exchange views. Growler says maybe the petrolhead's partners could use a support group! I understand that the Back Room is not a chat site. Especially I love bikes and most of all Harleys. I'm 29. Getting old naman! I don't know if you ever saw our Superbike Goddess here. She's quite a star. her name is Love-Love and she is Chinese. She rides a Hayabusa and races it. That's scary for me but she gets on TV here a lot. She's beautiful too so i guess that helps. I have some links to her.

Bit quiet here tonight. You know a lot of our friends are from the US and the shuttle disaster is bad news. We had a good day, I didn't use my bike, we took Big G's Softail instead. He just fitted his new cams Andrews or something and it moves OK! You know this police guy on his little KMX125 waved us down on the tollway, I think because of the drag pipes no baffles making noise and we just opened up and left him behind! These guys see a foreigner and they get dollar signs for eyeballs. Lost him anyways. We've been at the beach but I was getting too brown so we came back. Big G he's here too on our other computer. Drinking beer as usual.

I think HJ wanted some pix of my Ford Lynx and we forgot. Must do this. It's a very nice car and the price is right but I have some problems with the paint which keeps flaking. To be honest I liked my Honda Civic better. We still have our beatup Mazda which we use for bad number days. That means when you cant use your car on a certain day because of its license plate. We still got the Ford F-150, nice big truck, V8 motor, problem is poor resale value here because all the parts come from the US and cost a lot. Also the leather is very poor and thin. The company which does the leather for BMW here says they can change it but its expensive. Jap trucks are made here, so they are cheaper. Also diesel here is so much cheaper than gas. The white Mustang 1966 (two owners only) is outside but its got a leaky transmission.

Sorry for saying too much. Take care all.
KUng Hei Fat CHoy! - GRowlette
Bafta, sori po, I think I messed up my post. Could be I've done this twice na. Big G says the BR is quite strict about this.

If you have a mestizo son I know he will be very gwapo di-ba?!
Dark hair and pale skin? He should model for Bench menswear and maybe get a job on TV. Growler has a beautiful mestiza daughter, looks like Brooke Shields.

Insects in Mindoro yes it's true we just came back from there but I think it's the time of year. Please ingat ka with the snow there in UK. Growler says the best place for snow is on Christmas cards. actually I've never seen the real snow myself.

We are involved in the Philippine Bike Week which should be very big. We have bikers bringing their bikes from Australia, Germany and the US I think.


I promise I will work on a web page so us ladies can get together (grin).

KUng Hei Fat CHoy! - bafta
He's gwapo like Growler's daughter - maganda! Growler's right about the snow. Tell him that people were stuck on the M11 for 27hrs last week in the snow. It wasn't really that deep; they just failed to grit it in time. The lorries couldn't get any traction once they had stopped so gridlock. When you get your website done I'll send you some pictures so at least you'll see the snow, but not on a Christmas Card.
I looked at the Bikeweek Site and it looks like it will be a lot of 'fun in the sun.' Hope that you and BG have a great time at the gathering. Mabuting kapalaran.
Palaam na,
KUng Hei Fat CHoy! - GRowlette
Maraming salamat po! Your Tagalog is very good naman. Anong inumin para sa yo when you visit Philippines? The Big Man says he's buying. SMB ayo ko. Baileys on the rocks masarap par sa akin. Anong probincia anak na lalaki mo?

In fairness to all I think we better close this na. When I have a site working I'll post the link.

Thank you everyone, please be careful in the snow and take care always.


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