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2000 bmw 320d - BMW 320d power loss problem - johnwitten

Hi all

Currently having problems with my 320d

First of all theres no power at low revs, turbo kicks in fine however still a problem even at higher speeds. There is some juddering sudden surge of power for a split second then holds back

Previous owner removed managment light so not displaying

No smoke or funny noises

62,000 miles on the clock

Had EGR cleaned out today and have noticed an improvment however, still is a power issue

I have put the car on my computer, and its reading the car is in limp mode however there is no fault codes for power issues only the glow plug relay isnt working

These are the real time data readings on my computer:

Engine tempurature: 102c (temp gauge in mid)

Boost pressure at idle: 1036 millibar

Boost pressure at highest revs: 1969 millibar

Desired boost pressure at idle: 954 millibar

Desired boost pressure at top revs: 2100 millibar

Airflow at idle: 220 mg/stroke

Airflow at highest revs: 569 mg/stroke

Target airflow at highest revs: 1000 mg/stroke

Limp-home mode: ON

Your help would be helpful :) thanks

2000 bmw 320d - BMW 320d power loss problem - Dimebag

I would hazard a guess at a maf problem, i dont know the conversion factors from mg/stroke but those figures are worth checking.

Have you tried disconnecting the maf to see if it runs any better?

2000 bmw 320d - BMW 320d power loss problem - johnwitten
Yep done that. Maf is new as well
2000 bmw 320d - BMW 320d power loss problem - Collos25

Check out the Butterflies and the Vanos diesel engines of this era if they have not been looked after properly can become a nightmare.I would also suggest you post your problem on one of the UK BMW forums.Apart from the two problems I have mentioned they suffer from timing chain problems,turbo activation problems,cam sensor problems as seperate issue the front wishbones are also a major problem.My son and I own a number of BMWs all petrol we have learnt that the diesels of this age are not worth owning unless there providence on the service front can be substaniated even petrols have their own problems but not as many as the diesels.


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