VW Service cost - midlifecrisis
What have people paid for a 2yr/20'000 mile service on a Passat 1.8T SE. Mines due a service in a couple of weeks, but as it will be going soon, I don't want to fork out a huge wad.
It will be interesting to see if there is much variation around the country.
Thanks in advance.
VW Service cost - Cardew
If they are like most VW main dealers the answer will be what they can get away with.

A bog standard Service on a Golf 1.8T should be about £150.

VW Service cost - andymc {P}
I argued my Seat dealer down from £120 to £100 for the 20000 mile service on the Leon. Might be worth checking out a Seat or Skoda dealer - as they deal with the same engines, they should be able to carry out an official service on any VAG car.

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