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Peugeot 307 SW - Peugeot 307 SW - Loss of turbo power - DonnaJane

I have a Peugeot 307 SW 2.0 Diesel 110BHP on a 53 plate.

It’s running sluggishly, although just about bearable when driving around town. If I’m on a motorway run and I try to blat it uphill, it seriously loses power. There are no Engine Management Lights on and it’s not in limp home mode as get the revs to over 3500rpm if I have to. However, the turbo is definitely not kicking in.

I’ve taken it to a local garage and they have read the following codes:

P1421 – Catalytic converter upstream temperature signal

Short Circuit to earth STATUS = Not Present

P0246 – Turbo pressure

Turbo pressure measure too low STATUS = Not Present

P1425 - Catalytic converter downstream temperature signal

Coherence between the catalytic converter upstream temperature and downstream temperature STATUS = Not Present

P1132 – Catalytic converter temperature signals

Fault on catalytic converter upstream and downstream temperature sensors STATUS = Not present

They’ve done a brief overview of the turbo, say it’s spinning freely, there’s no play in it. They’ve hooked it up and tested the pipes and say that the vacuum is fine. However, it’s still not kicking in.

What they want to do is to test the turbo actuator to see if that’s broken and say it’s a 3-4 hour job as this part is located behind the top part of the engine. They have indicated that if the turbo actuator is broken then is a £900 + VAT job to replace. Just to diagnose is a £300 + VAT job.

I don’t know much about cars (except that I hate this one) and would appreciate it if anyone can point me in the right direction of whether or not what they propose to do is legit.

They have also mentioned lambda sensors on the exhaust (?) which may cause a short circuit in the wiring loom, which in turn stops the turbo from spinning.

Any help anyone can impart will be gratefully received.

Donna :o)

Peugeot 307 SW - Peugeot 307 SW - Loss of turbo power - Peter.N.

If I were you I would take it to a diesel specialist, they are usually cheaper than a garage and know what they are doing.


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