Xantia alarm - Xantiargh!
Xantia diy muppet is back.

Got glow plugs to change. Step 1 disconnect battery -ve lead. The alarm goes off. I can't shut it off, the key fob does nothing, the central locking still works, turning the key in the lock works but nothing shuts the god**mn alarm off. Reconnecting the battery just makes it louder. Leaving it means it sets itself off again.

Its driving me mad. How do I kill it?


(95 1.9 TD LX Xantia)
Xantia alarm - NVH
On my SX 1996 theer are 2 buttons to the right of the steering wheel.
One suppresses the ultrasonics.
One should kill the alarm.
Xantia alarm - Xantiargh!
Under the bonnet behind the LHM reservoir there's a key hole under a plastic cover. Turn key clockwise and the alarm shuts up.

Cheers to Dale on Xantia-L yahoo group for that!
Xantia alarm - doug_523i
I think you use the ignition key in a switch to the rear of the engine bay, passenger side, to disable the alarm. The interior switches are for when you leave the sunroof open.
Xantia alarm - M.M

The guys are right about the keyswitch under the bonnet but bear in mind this just stops the alarm "sounding", it is still going as far as the unit is concerned....ie flashers will be working.

Has your remote got the two buttons?

Xantia alarm - Xantiargh!
Yeah, one that I use all the time to lock/unlock. The other doesn't seem to have any effect (though the led on the key fob lights up).

FYI bought 2nd hand, no manual.
Xantia alarm - M.M

Assuming you have the alarm type I'm visualising..

Your keyfob has two butons, one to remote central lock the car and the second to set the alarm.

If the car is alarmed then a push of the first button should de-activate it and open the doors.

So assuming you have set it off by removing the battery then reconnect the battery, shut the doors and then simply plip as if you were locking/unlocking.

That should turn off the alarm.

Xantia alarm - Mondaywoe
I was driven demented by my Xantia alarm - couldn't silence it - even with keyswitch under bonnet. Tried disconnecting battery - STILL it sounded!! Eventually drove 10 miles to nearest town - bought a new battery - reset the locks with remote - everything hunkydory.

The alarm senses low current state and thinks car is being burgled. The alarm has an internal battery so disconnecting the main battery does nothing.

Is the battery old? Mine was 9 years old (original batt!) Thought a new one might not go amiss......

Hope this helps!



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