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I purchased a nearly new VW Polo, over 1 month ago from VW dealer.

At the time of sale they never gave me a slip for the V5, nor a service book, however I paid for 6 months Tax to be put onto the car.

I have had the car for a month now and the tax is about to expire at the end of this month, I have sent several emaisl to the dealer requesting where is my V5 document & service book but to no avail.

I went upto dealers this morning and they have admitted that they have lost the V5 document so they now say that they require my car back at the dealers until they sort out a new document and then sort the tax which could be 6 weeks as the car is still registired in the previous owners name (They have offered me a courtsey car during this period) but I suppose is what I am getting at is I am really peeded off that I have bought a car from a main dealer and now told that I have to take back until further notice (6 weeks at best)

Have they broke any laws by doing this?

can I claim for the time, inconvience and upset that this has caused.

Many thanks

VW Polo - Car sold by MD without reg V5 document - Chris M

I don't know whether they have broken any laws, but I doubt it. What they appear to have done is admitted their mistake, offered to put it right and provide you with a courtesy car whilst it happens. I can't see what you have to be upset about. Plenty of posts on here where dealers have taken a lot more persuading.

VW Polo - Car sold by MD without reg V5 document - Collos25

Not having the V5 will not stop them taxing the car plus a V5 is not proof of ownership a sales receipt is.You have no reason to take the car back unless they have other reasons they are not telling you, they should sort out all the problems in around 30minutes after all they are not the first person to loose a V5 its quite common.


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