Change of responsibility? - terryb
On my way to work there's a Mk I Golf been spun and is now suspended on central reservation - well, wedged between a couple of shrubs actually!

Anyway, it looks pretty well abandoned to me (I guess it was stolen and joy-ridden (for want of a more accurate term) there and there is a sticker on the windscreen "Council Aware".

Previously, I've seen "Police Aware" stickers. Is it the new EU environmental regs that place the onus on Councils to tidy up after these people - am I to assume the police are no longer interested in this sort of incident?

Change of responsibility? - Dwight Van Driver
Multi Agency approach Tel.

Section 3 Refuse Disposal (Amenity)Act 1978 - where it appears to a Local Authority that a motor vehicle in their area is abandoned on any land in the open air 0r forming part of a Highway it shall be the duty of a loacl authority to remove the vehicle ONLY after a set procedure under the Act including the fixing of Notices whilst they chase up a owner or otherwise.

Regulation 4, Removal and Disposal of Vehicles Regs 1986 gives similar power to police.


Change of responsibility? - Richard Hall
There was a Ford Orion dumped on the A14 recently, right on the edge of the carriageway. I saw it there and thought, 'won't be long before something hits that'. Sure enough, while the authorities were pursuing their multi-agency approach, affixing notices etc, it got run into very hard, and is now about a foot narrower than it was. It's still in the same place though, and it won't surprise me at all if it gets hit again.

Last year the crumpled, heavily stripped rolling shell of a Fiesta appeared overnight on an unlit road on the edge of Ipswich. It sat there for a week, unlit, unmarked (light units had been removed), all jagged edges and stealth black paint, before finally being towed away.

Surely the regulations allow for a vehicle to be shifted immediately, if it is a danger to other road users? Doesn't seem to be happening, at least around here.

Richard Hall


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