Courtesy Cars - Crombster
Out of interest, when and who would you expect to recieve a courtesy car from? Main dealers or independants during servicing,accident damage repairs or mechanical break downs?

I ponder this because our VW dealer is not keen on offering a courtesy car even though the car has mechanical problems covered by warranty.

What is the usual practice if there is such a thing?

Courtesy Cars - lauriew
I am always offered a courtesy car from my Landrover Main dealer.
I take whats available (it then allows you to try different models)and I am not fussed as long as it`s wheels.
I buy tyres from a small independent car repair shop and they have courtesy cars. You have to book them though.
If you really need a car, whilst yours is serviced/repaired, I would move to another VW garage.
Courtesy Cars - Dynamic Dave
I've always assumed it's at the garage's discretion. If they've got courtesy cars, then you can request one[1]. If they haven't, I find somewhere that does.
All the warrenties I've had with vehicles state that a courtesy/hire/loan car is only offered after the vehicle has been immobilised for more than 24 hrs.

[1] Give as much notice as possible that you want one though. Not always possible though if your vehicle is broken down, but easy enough to request when booking in for a routine service.
Courtesy Cars - P.Mason {P}
My local independent garage have a range of courtesy cars, and have always supplied one whenever I've had a service or repair. (On one occasion when all the cars were out, the proprietor lent me his own car.)
The courtesy car 'range' has included:
Clio diesel,Fiesta MR2, Renault Savanah Estate, Metro, Volvo, Ford Sierra, Peugeot 406 and Honda Civic. Nothing newer than about 4 yrs.old, but always well-maintained and clean inside and out.
Courtesy Cars - shaun
My VW dealer always offer a courtesy car when vehicle is being fixed under warranty, but you have to insure it yourself. Check the warranty literature, i think that it says that you are entitled to the courtesy car.
Courtesy Cars - Alfafan {P}
All the independent Alfa specialists I've used over the last 15 years have offered loan cars provided you book in advance. Admittedly some of the loan cars have been dogs, but so what. If one not available, they often provide a pick-up or taxi service. All free of charge too.


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