Cheveron 5w40 - Gazza
Has anyone had any experience with Chevron 5w40 SJ fully synthetic oil from Costco? I saw it is only 11.75 pounds per 4 litres so I am thinking of putting it in my engine.

Is it any good? I know that you get what you for and the Castrol Magnetic 10w40 is more expensive at 15.28 pounds for 4.5 litres.

Also, it said on the tub that it is made in EU, I know that Chevron is a partner of Texaco. Would the Chevron oil be the same as Texaco Havoline 5w40 fully synthetic?

Cheveron 5w40 - andy n
thats one of the problems with this country were so used to getting ripped off that if we see anything reasonably priced we think its suspect, check out chevrons website and draw your own conclusions
Cheveron 5w40 - pmh

and draw your own conclusions.

pmh (was peter)
Cheveron 5w40 - mal
Drive 6000 miles at say 35mpg, 6000 divided by 35=171 gallons at £3.41 =£583 spent on petrol between oil changes.

What I am saying as you will have guessed already is I can never understand the false economy in buying anything other than the best oil.
The Mobil 1 is only £25 for 4ltrs in Costco.
"Catch me drift".
Cheveron 5w40 - andy n
i agree mal, but if you look at the spec of the chevron oil i think you will agree it aint "false economy" as long as the spec of the oil is i.a.w the engine manufactures requirements then any correctly rated oil from a reputable oil company (which it is) should be fine, you suggest mobil 1 is the "best", i know its good but the best? marketing hype or scientific fact who knows? (im sure some one out there does, and will put me right!!}

Cheveron 5w40 - mal
Fair point Andy oil Mobil 1 might not be much better than Chevron oil maybe should have aimed my point at the difference between cheap rubbish and good oil.
Cheveron 5w40 - Gazza
That's ok mal.

I was wondering if the Castrol GTX 15w40 A2/B2 spec is truely rubbish as they are 5.86 pounds for 5 litres! I cannot use it in my engine as it is specified for 5w40 or 10w40 only but the thought of rubbish oil went through my mind.
Cheveron 5w40 - DavidHM
Castrol GTX is actually pretty good and usually a lot more expensive than that. As a 15w40 it has a good reputation and I use it for top ups (but not for changes, because it's hard to find when someone else is doing the work).

Of course, it's completely unsuitable for modern engines and is best suited to older, petrol cars - which is why it's so cheap. Even at £5.86 it's probably worth more than half the cars that should use it.


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