Galaxy Handling Improvements - Chas{P}
I have been asked whether there are any spring or shock absorber upgrade kits available for a July 2001 1.9 TDI (115PS) Galaxy. All the info I have is just for the OE setup.

If anyone has any non Ford information on the above I would be grateful.


Galaxy Handling Improvements - DavidHM
Working on the principle that a Galaxy is just a Sharan in disguise, Abt do a set of lowering springs.

Tel 00 49 (0) 831 / 57140-0 or go to

Sorry, it's all in German and I don't know if they have a UK distributor.
Galaxy Handling Improvements - Dave_TD
It could be worth trying to look into what modifications the police do to their Galaxys (Galaxies?). The ones round here seem to have rally-type wheels and plenty of go.


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