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It's not John here it's his mrs Vera.

Thanks to some very excellent advice from this website I have decided to get my Discovery V8 converted to LPG. I have done quite a lot of homework (mainly surfing) and realise that there are a lot of cowboy merchants out for a quick buck. I'm worried about being ripped off so can someone recommend a garage in or around Fareham in Hampshire. I'm not after the cheapest as very often you get what you pay for but a personal recommendation means more to me than an advert in the Yellow Pages!!!!!


LPG conversion - Where in/around Fareham - Dwight Van Driver
Aloa Vera (sorry)

Not wishing to detract from the good solid advice that you will receive from this site, with the indulgence of HJ/Mark may I suggest a visit to


which is PURE Landrover based. If you register and post on that forum then you may well come up with a number of LR fantatics who have had the change and may well recommend a good outlet.

LPG conversion - Where in/around Fareham - Rebecca {P}
Colleague here converted his Landrover himself, but comments that Go Gas in Southampton do all the utility vehicles etc locally, so maybe they aren't too bad.

Also adds that Shell at Titchfield are the only garage to sell LPG between Southsea and Swaythling.

Hope this helps!
LPG conversion - Where in/around Fareham - nick
Only go to a place that is a member of the LPGA and is part of the government scheme for gas conversion. A recent Which? magazine report highlighted lots of problems with conversions but these were all with non-LPGA suppliers. You will get a certificate from the installer which your insurance company may wish to see. I recently converted a Jeep Cherokee 4 litre which my dearly beloved then wrote off. The insurance company agreed that the conversion added £1000 to the value of the vehicle, but only if it had the certificate, which it did.
FWIW I had no problems with the conversion and was very pleased I did it. It really is a no-brainer for a gas-guzzler you intend to keep for a year or two.
LPG conversion - Where in/around Fareham - BigAl
The folowing link shows the list of Discovery LPG converters approved by the Government's Powershift scheme.

LPG conversion - Where in/around Fareham - Gregory
NEVER EVER use any fitters recommended on this forum. How do you know they are the rogue's replying to your message.

Do loads of research from the internet. Go to the fitters (ringing isn't good enough) and ask them complex questions, and see if they use lots of jargon or pseudocode. Like me, if you don't know what you are talking about, you cover this up with the jargon. Everyone does this.

Also, get a general feeling. Do they answer your questions properly? Do they look odd? Do they wear trainers or mechanic boots? Do they have a clean workshop?

These can really help. If you feel they are trying to get rid of you, then there is a problem with these fitters.

Most importantly, ask for details of some customers who had their cars converted. If they look at you in a wierd way, and refuse, then again you can sense a problem with the fitters. Finally, thoroughly check these details with address', and even go there to see if they exist. The fitters do make details of customers up.

LPG conversion - Where in/around Fareham - Mark (RLBS)
>>NEVER EVER use any fitters recommended on this forum.

Given that feeling, Gregory, would you like me to delete your post in Technical Matters asking for recommendations for LPG Fitters ?


Or is there a subtle difference between a fitter in Sussex and one in Fareham that I am not aware of?

Sarcasm aside, one should always check out any supplier personally and not rely solely on the recommendation of someone else, although that recommendation is frequently a good starting point.

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I think "NEVER EVER use any fitters recommended on this forum" is an unhelpful comment Gregory.

The sole reason many come here is for recommendations on something they may be unsure about. The whole point of this place is that it is a *forum* and thus what you get is peoples' opinions. You take them at face value and investigate yourself. They have been a brilliant starting point for me along with, no doubt, many other people and have no doubt saved money, time and frustration for many.
LPG conversion - Where in/around Fareham - harry m
absolutely agree 100%.
LPG conversion - Where in/around Fareham - Gregory
If you rely on what people say on this forum, you would buy a citroen.

And no, citroen\'s aren\'t reliable. Yes, some are, but a lot aren\'t.

I take information into account, but also take into account the self fulfilling prophecy. This is what causes the problems.


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