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I've owned a '96 TD for about 4 months and was surprised how stiff the clutch was when I bought it. I've got used to it now, but have since heard that there's a problem with the cable drying out, preventing the automatic adjustment from functioning, leading to premature clutch wear and failure.

Is there any way of knowing whether this is happening other than a slightly stiff clutch pedal? I'd like to get it sorted sooner rather than later if it might lead to a £300 bill.

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306 TD Clutch Cable - Emerson Fittipaldi
Hi, I own a Peugeot 306 D-Turbo. According to the 'car by car breakdown' it has somthing to do with the clutch cable running too close to the exhaust. This is caused by the Left hand to right hand drive conversion. I'm sure if you were a competent enough mechanic or metal worker for example, you could make a heat shield. This would avoid the drying out of lubricant in the cable. I have also noticed that you can buy spray grease. I dont know if it's possible or not (as I have not looked) to remove the cable, and spray it down inside the cable? Who knows it may work? But as you say, I have got used to mine now, but always seems to be more notchy in the morning when cold, then unbarable if I get stuck in traffic when hot! You cant win! My old Laguna 1.8 used to have a similar problem, I had a new clutch cable fitted, a month later it was already starting to stiffen up!
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My wife's 306 1.8i petrol also had a stiff clutch cable.
HJ's car by car breakdown was spot on as to the cause, as also mentioned by EF.

Genuine Pug replacement cable cost £39.48 (Plus £15 for some Halfords axle stands), and was a doddle to fit, once I had dismantled half the engine bay!

Seriously, it is easy to fit, but on the 1.8i 8v petrol at least, requires removal of the battery (easy), battery tray (easy), ECU (easy but fiddly), and the engine rocker cover (easy, once you have worked out how to get the left hand side out from under the brake master cylinder!)

All in all, an easy DIY job.
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See my previous postings re fitting clutch cable to 306 TD with a/c. Easy it is NOT.!
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Also see my hints and tips for a 306 turbo diesel, no air-con, on www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?v=i&t=97...1

The cable doesn't run particularly close to the exhaust pipe, but it does run right next to the turbo. I thought about clipping the cable further away from the turbo, but this would mean sharper bends in the cable. So I left it.

I've heard other people recommend changing the cable as a matter of course at 50K or 5 years, but this seems excessive to me. 100K or 10 years seems more reasonable.

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Try getting hold of a Demon Tweeks motorsport catalogue for loads of heat shield and heat insulating products.

306 TD Clutch Cable - wemyss

I changed the clutch cable on the wife?s Maestro last week.
This had been getting increasingly heavy and being 10 years old thought it was about time anyway.
It has lightened the pressure needed considerably and was obviously needed. Examining the old one the inner cable has it?s own lubrication almost like a nylon coating and this probably wears off on bends.
I don?t think lubricating it would have helped.
This has an automatic adjustment incorporated near the bulkhead and in the Haynes manual it explains that periodically this should be checked by pushing the clutch operating lever as far as possible in the opposite direction, and then holding the cable fitting where it passes through the bulkhead, pull the outer cable outwards with the other hand.
This has always worked in the past and lightened the clutch but recently hadn?t done the trick.
Perhaps worth looking on the 306 if a similar adjustment is needed.
And being an old car it took about ten minutes to change the cable and five of these were spent reading the manual.


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