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Hi All,

I'm looking to buy a second hand car such as an i10 that is still under the manufacturer's 5 year warranty scheme.

I can see there are various checklists on the web for checking second hand cars and vehicle checking services offered by the AA and others.

What checks should I do on the car if it's still under the manufacturer's warranty?

Many thanks for your help


Hyundai i10 - Buying 2nd hand car still under warranty - daveyjp
Depends how old the car is you are looking at. We bought a 12 month i20, had no further checks. One warranty issue after 3 months was dealt without a fuss. Most of the 12 month old cars are ex hire. If this bothers you ask the question.

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Hyundai i10 - Buying 2nd hand car still under warranty - Auristocrat

"Most of the 12 month old cars are ex hire."

Some cars less than 12 months old (certainly around six months old) are also ex-driving school.

Ford have a contract with the AA Driving School where mainly Focus cars are leased to the driving school for six months, and then returned to Ford for resale through Ford Direct. The cars are registered to the leasing company - Lombard Finance.

Vauxhall have a similar arrangement with BSM for Corsa's and Astra's - returned cars are sold through Network Q. Think the cars are registered to a 'front' company rather than being obvious it is BSM. In between Vauxhalls contracts with BSM, Fiat had a contract with BSM with BSM using the 500 - similar arrangements as regards resale.

Certainly one quite large driving school in the Birmingham area use Hyundais.

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Hyundai i10 - Buying 2nd hand car still under warranty - oldtoffee

For the warranty to be intact make sure it has a full service history and I think for a Hyundai it has to be within 600 miles of when its due or less than four weeks over if its an annual service.

Check the previous owner is private or a company. If it does come from a rental comany don't think the company name on the V5 will be AB Car Rentals it is likely to be an obscure company name so google it. Not saying rental cars will be bad as they've been regularly used, fluids checked and driven long distances regularly but I'd prefer it to have had one owner/driver who might have run it in properly.

Then its just the usual, check for accident damage repairs, check its HPI clear, check it drives smooth and steers and brakes straight, every electrical bit works, tyres and brakes won't need replacing and the dipstick oil isn't treacle thick.

Hyundai i10 - Buying 2nd hand car still under warranty - thunderbird

Regardless of where the car comes from you need to see receipts for the services and not just stamps in a service book. You can get the stamps made anywhere and dealers are well aware of the practice.

Walk away if they cannot show receipts, there are plenty of cars out there.

Hyundai i10 - Buying 2nd hand car still under warranty - martint123

Hyundai want the following as evidence for a warranty claim (on their web site for if a third party garage does services).

The following details and documentation must be available: The Hyundai Owner's Routine Maintenance Information Booklet must be completed at each scheduled service time with the following:

  • Vehicle Registration
  • Date of Service
  • Mileage
  • Service provider stamp
  • Service provider Technician signature

Independent Service Provider Invoices and associated documentation must include:

  • Name and Address of Service Provider
  • Details of the vehicle (i.e. VIN, Registration and Mileage)
  • The date the Service was carried out
  • Details of the work carried out (i.e. What service has been carried out)
  • Details of all parts fitted (which must include: Parts numbers, Description, manufacturer name and individual costs.
  • Details of all fluid replaced and the specification and manufacturer (i.e. Engine oil, Transmission oil, Antifreeze etc)
  • Copy of the service check sheet showing that all of the Hyundai Motor UK Ltd. service schedule and requirements have been carried out.

Independent Service Provider proof of competence:

  • Membership of a recognised UK motor trades organisation or industry association which monitors standards and working practices in automotive maintenance and service provision
  • Technician qualification from a recognised UK training provider in automotive maintenance services, to the appropriate level for the work performed

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Hyundai i10 - Buying 2nd hand car still under warranty - Rich Townsende

Many thanks everybody for your great advice!



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