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My Problems all started when driving to work and the brakes started to work intermittently, they would work fine and then would go very stiff and carried on vice versa. On the way home that night I got the warning ESP/ASR not functioning and put the car into a limp mode. I have since taken the car into a garage and have they have replaced the brake servo and vacuum pump. The brakes are working fine again! Problem solved.. Errr No.

When I took it in I asked them to look at the fault codes, they say there were none, I assumed it was all related to the servo failure. Drove it for a while after the work had been done and no problems. However, not soon after this the Anti Pollution fault popped up, followed by ESP/ASR not functioning and hay ho limp mode! I don’t remember if the Anti Pollution warning had appeared before when the brakes originally started to play up.

I have also noticed that the faults don’t always appear straight away, plus two warnings can appear vice versa, ESP/ASR followed by Anti Pollution if that is relevant I haven’t a clue.

I know it is hard to diagnose without fault codes, though is there any thought behind all this being related or just coincidence and it being another issue entirely?

Thoughts, suggestions and any help appreciated.

Peugeot 406 2.2 HDi - Anti Pollution Fault - dieselnut

From past experience of having owned a Citroen C5 with this engine, the problem will almost certainly be due to a blocking DPF in the exhaust. This puts the engine into limp home mode which also de-activates ESP/ASR. Your previous vacuum problem would have probably caused the DPF problem as the vacuum operates the turbo & other emissions devices on the engine & probably prevented the DPF from re-generating. If you can drive for 20/30 minutes at a steady 2000 revs in top gear it should re-generate. If not it may need a forced re-gen at a Peugeot dealer with the computer hooked up.

Early models had to have the DPF cleaned or exchanged every 50k miles together with an Eolys fluid refil.

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