New car- similar to 205 XS but... - Giles
I'm looking for a new car- I was going to get a Peugeot 205 XS (1.4). They are nice nippy little cars with good handling & modding potential, but of course they stopped making them in 1990ish. (Whenever- none newer than around a G plate). I was hoping to get something a bit newer than this, but similar to a 205 for perfomance, insurance, fun etc. Does anyone have any suggestions other than the obvious 106 XS and 206 XS, as I don't really like them, basically.


Re: New car- similar to 205 XS but... - honest john
A 2 - 3 year old Fiesta 1.25 or 1.4 might do the job. Not as brilliantly designed as a 205, but they handle well. Make sure it comes with power steering. I would have suggested a new MINI, but they're sold out until next Spring.

Re: New car- similar to 205 XS but... - Alex. L. Dick

I have had great satisfaction from a Proton (that's right!) GTi. Bound to be second hand ones (not ours !) eventually.

The better half (disabled) finds it very comfortable, and it's handy for the messages.

For the rest, you have to drive it.
Ford Capri - Martin
Find a 205 Dturbo - made until 1994 - lots of go ! and if you can afford one - the 306 Dturbo is a fine vehicle,

Also a surprisingly nice affordable car to drive is the VW Golf Driver 1.8 built like a brick sh*thouse.
Re: New car- similar to 205 XS but... - Andrew Tarr
A man after my own heart! It was the mandatory cat-converter that put an end to several 205 petrol models in mid-1992, so you can find an XS up to J if you look round. In fact a few months ago I impulse-bought a '93K GTX (which is pretty much the same, 1360cc engine, FFSR, etc.) with 46K on the clock and 2 owners, so there are still a few around. However the suggestion to get a D-turbo is not daft - my wife has a 91H which is similar, but the handling is different because of the cast-iron engine. Take your pick - you can easily find one of those, but the mileages are often high and the history needs to be solid.
Re: New car- similar to 205 XS but... - Darcy Kitchin
See if you can find a Ciroen AX GTi or GTi 500 to drive, they share the same oily bits as a Pug 205.
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Renault Clio 172 are supposed to be great to drive - there may be some pre-facelift models around.

The 206 XSi has GTi looks but slightly diminished performance.

Or a Puma. A bit of a cult car and unlikely to ever be ugly.
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Trouble with Clios is that you get the telly-addicts who pull up alongside and shout "Nicole?" ot "Papa?" as appropriate.

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