Golf 1.4 TSi - Timing chain stretched - Harrison

I have read other threads - we too have a 07 Golf TSi only done 49600 miles, exhaust management light came on and took it to VW garage. They had to take the engine apart (£100 cost) to confirm it is the timing chain. They offered to ask VW for goodwill on parts as timing chain has stretched but VW refused. Cost of repair? £2800 !!! Rang VW customer service who denied any problem, said part is only guarenteed for as long as the warranty of three years and though it could last longer that's not covered by warranty. When I mentioned this was a known fault and did some research on the internet she said that meant nothing and people on internet could be making it up. They make thousands of cars and we shoudl be aware that any part can just fail, we cannot assume they should last. I pointed out this is a known fault, she said it wasn't and there was nothing they could do and she was closing the case.

Golf 1.4 TSi - Timing chain stretched - privateinvestor

Typical VW arrogance.

Golf 1.4 TSi - Timing chain stretched - TeeCee

I pointed out this is a known fault, she said it wasn't

That's odd. Most manufacturers would notice when a prestigious motoring magazine gives them an award for building a monumental pile of unreliable complete carp.

Have a look around for "Auto Bild", "Golden Carrot" and "1.4TSI". Then, armed with that information, phone them back and read the riot act.

Reading the stuff posted here regularly I am amazed that anyone buys a VW these days. You have to suspect that their Customer Services people have; "Deny responsibility and tell the mug punter to get knotted." drilled into them.

Golf 1.4 TSi - Timing chain stretched - Cyd

I'm not gonna get into whether VW are liable or not. There are others who can advise and know more about the problem

However, I'm of the opinion that the work required isn't £2800 worth. A timing chain kit from Febi Bilstein can be had for around £220. And there's no end of videos on youtube showing how to change the timing chain.

I think you should get a quote from a reliable local independant garage. If the quote is more reasonable, have the car recovered to there and get it fixed.


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