Ford Fiesta 08 1.4 tdci - Whirring Noise - jofus

I have an 08 Ford Fiesta 1.4 tdci and recently had a new water pump fitted under warranty. Since then I have been hearing a Whirring sound. It seems to appear obvious after the engine is warmed up, after driving 3-5 miles or so, and is at its worst when the accelerator pedal is pressed down a small amount, approx' 1cm or so, and it also does it at the same spot when the accelerator pedal is on the way back up when changing gear. The spot where the whirring noise is loudest is so obvious that I can move the pedal up or down to the exact same spot and switch the noise on and off without any problem. If I rest my foot on that spot the noise is continuous. If I move the pedal slightly up or down the noise seems to disappear or at least is less obvious. The mechanic at the dealership where I bought the car tells me that it is perfectly normal and all fiestas with IB5 gearboxes make this noise but I'm not convinced as the noise wasn't there before the new water pump was fitted, and I think that it is more than likely that the new water pump isn't quite right. Any opinions would be very much appreciated and I would especially like to know if other Fiesta 1.4 tdci owners could confirm whether this whirring noise is indeed normal and evident on their cars.

Ford Fiesta 08 1.4 tdci - Whirring Noise - Peter.N.

Does it occur when the car is stationary or only when moving, does pressing the clutch change it?

Ford Fiesta 08 1.4 tdci - Whirring Noise - jofus

Thanks for your reply.

It is most obvious after the engine has warmed up (after approx' 10 minutes driving) and is loudest whilst moving and less obvious when stationary. Pressing the clutch doesn't change it.

Ford Fiesta 08 1.4 tdci - Whirring Noise - jofus

I took the car out for a drive this evening and I'm pretty sure that the water pump is the problem.

Does anyone know if it is possible to isolate or disconnect the water pump to see if the noise goes away?


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