HDi 110 or 90 (Citroen diesel) - Gongoozler
How do I tell the difference between a Xantia HDi 110 and a 90?

I've been looking at various classifieds and dealer sites that offer Xantia that are supposed to be 110's and turn out to be 90's.

As an aside, I've found one dealer offering a vehicle at one price on AutoTrader (as a Xantia LX HDi110) and a grand more on their own site (Xantia HDi Forte 90), with photo of the vehicle at the inflated price! The registration mark is clear in both photos and it's the same beast. Could be re-using the photo but both ads reckon the vehicles are Fijian blue.


HDi 110 or 90 (Citroen diesel) - Ben79
The 110 should have a huge (4 inch) pipe going to another radiator (intercooler) about 10 inches wide beside the normal radiator.

I think the Forte has more equipment than the LX.

HDi 110 or 90 (Citroen diesel) - Gongoozler
Thanks Ben,



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