Back window heater. 306 XR not working - richiwatts
Hi all,

My back window heater has stoped working and because I live in the north of Norway where temperatures drop to -30 this can be a problem.

Can someone please give me a step by step check list to try to resolve this?

My user manual is in Norwegian so it is difficult to know what fuse is what. I changed one of the fuses which someone told me to do, turned on the back window heater and after a while i got a little burning smell for a very short while.

Back window heater. 306 XR not working - Mikey Jay
You are talking about the rear window heating element aren't you?
Check for breaks visually in the element. Check terminals are clean and secure. If there is a breakage you can get a repair kit containing paint. The important thing is not to over apply and follow the instructions to the letter. If terminal is coming away from glass,stick it back on with epoxy resin only,ie.araldite. Check that you have the correct rating of fuse.
Do you have a seperate rear heater blower in Norway? Kind regards,Mike
Back window heater. 306 XR not working - lauriew
If you disconnect both wires at window element and switch on....if fuse still blows the fault is in cable to back of car.
Could also check supply using test lamp.
I had same fault on Discovery after garage fit new taildoor hinge.They trapped window cable between hinge and door behind door trim.
Usually if element damaged, heater still works but not on full depth.
Back window heater. 306 XR not working - IanT
Can you confirm the fuse blew again after you replaced it, and which fuse was it?

Fuse 23 controls the operation of the HRW relay. If this is your problem, it could be tricky to solve since all the relevant wires are close together within the dashboard, cross connecting the HRW switch and the HRW relay.

Fuse 27 also connects to both the HRW switch and the HRW relay, but also provides the main power supply for the HRW. The long run to the rear of the car is a likely place for a short-circuit.

If you've got electric/heated mirrors, these run off the same circuit. A short-circuit in the cable to either mirror would give exactly the same symptoms as a failure to the rear window.

Electric/heated mirrors also make fault finding harder since you really should disconnect the supply to both mirrors as well as the HRW when carrying out continuity tests.

But before getting carried away with the multimeter, check the more easily accessible cables first (as per Lauriew). With luck you might be able to spot a burnt or exposed wire.

(All comments based on the wiring diagram for 1993-1995 306s).



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