Peugeot spares in France - duggie
l'm off to France this weekend, l need a clutch kit for my 405 and other service parts, am l likely to buy these parts cheaper from a french peugeot dealer/garage than in the UK?? if anyone has any useful contacts in the Calais area for cheap parts please reply. Many thanks.
Peugeot spares in France - bazza
Yes, should be cheaper in my experience. Peugeot dealers are everywhere over there, or you could try "Norauto" - should be one on one of the big retail estates. Worth a browse anyway. While you're there pick up genuine oil, fuel and air filters cheap and semi synth oil for £6 for 5 litres - all from the hypermarkets,eg Auchan, Leclerc, Champion, etc. Stay away from the UK branches of supermarkets like Tesco etc. And of course du vin!

Peugeot spares in France - terryb

Enjoy. I'll be a couple of weeks behind you! Meanwhile, have a look at



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