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Our 2009/58 pathfinder aventura 2.5 d manual has had this fault since we got it at a year old.

Engine will go into limp mode for no reason upon pulling away from a junction under load no MIL no Error codes just de-rates to limp mode!!

Nissan (Evans Halshaw) as usual are as helpfull as a poke in the eye if the computer says there is nowt wrong then there isnt!!!

got one of there tecs to drive it and it faulted however (its ment to do that)?????????????

Really ??? at 60 in the middle lane of the M6 going to overtake in busy traffic!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think not!!

had various diagnostics run but never any codes.

Anyone had the same or similar prob?

Nissan Pathfinder - Pathfinder Limp Mode engine de-rate - gordonbennet

Yes the dealers heap went into limp mode on our accompanied test drive haven't clue why, the sales bod seemed not surprised, bought Hilux instead, no regrets.

Nissan Pathfinder - Pathfinder Limp Mode engine de-rate - injection doc

The very instant it loses power it would be interesting to see if you switched it off and start it back up, it starts ok. If it was very reluctant to start I wondered whether it jacking lifters up and decompressing the engine under power, this wouldnt trigger any fault codes.

There has been some issues in the states and some have found using a very good oil flush and regular oil changes helps. If it was a lifter problem it must have the correct grade of oil used to reduce any chance of this problem

On the diagnostics side has anyone actually gone into EOBD faults pending & freeze frame ? This is not to be confused with a dealer going into the main ECU into diagnostics.

EOBD is forever overlooked & rarely used but you need to remember when a fault occurs it has to occur 3 times in sucession to flag a fault.unless its permenant , faults pending will list a problem that occurs before its recorded ! only emmission related issues before anyone gets too excited.

Freeze frame captures the information at the time of a fault !

I have carried out diagnostics on so many cars that have been in and out of a dealer and the basics been missed

Is yours fitted with a DPF ?

Nissan Pathfinder - Pathfinder Limp Mode engine de-rate - timbercookie

Thanks for the reply!

It has been serviced by the Nissan Main dealer from new so you would think the correct grade of oil was used?

EOBD has been checked and no freeze frame data or pending issues. we have run a Data recorder on it for a week (it faulted once) just awaiting the results. Yes we have a DPF fitted.

This fault has been around on and off for 2 years there is no pattern to it apart from it seems to happen under load.

Last year Nissan fitted a new rail as i lost power all together this prob fixed but still the same derate/limp prob.

The derate is just the same as when the ESP kicks in and the throttle is reduced however it stays reduced (limp)

Nissan Pathfinder - Pathfinder Limp Mode engine de-rate - injection doc
If you touch the brake pedal with your left foot whilst driving how much power do you use ?
Just in case you have a sticking or mal adjusted brake switch and the EML is cutting the power ? Some switches are so sensitive you only need to breath on the pedal.
Sticking brake switch will not flag a fault!

Have you ever tried adding 2stroke oil to the diesel to clean and lubricate the injection system and valves.

Some people get awesome results over a period of time as it cleans the engine a treat. Comma green mineral is fine for a DPF and you only add about 150ml to a tank full, it will quieten the engine too.
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Hi I no this was a while ago but I've not long bought a nissan pathfinder 2007 dci and I'm having exactly the same problem. Any help would be much appreciated.


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