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We bought a VW Up with9000 miles on the clock a month ago and then went on holiday for 2 weeks. On our return when we started the car we noticed a noise when the clutch was in idling mode. We have asked the garage to rectify this and they tell us it is not detrimental to the car and will not affect its performance. We generally like the car but having traded in a 12 year old Focus with no problem except age, we are disappointed to have this slight rattling noise on the new cars clutch. VW customer service were no more helpful saying they all do it once run in!!

Any ideas would be welcome


VW UP - Idling clutch noise - Peter.N.

You do occaisionally get thrust bearing 'chatter' on some cars, I am surprised at having it at that mileage though, thinking back though I replaced a thrust bearing in a Citroen a few years ago and it started doing it almost immediatly. Providing it dissapears as soon as you deprws the clutch and only does it at tickover I wouldn't worry about it.

The dealer will be reluctant to do it as it means taking the gearbox out - a lot of work. I think the way to go would be to get the dealer to aknowledge in writing the existence of the problem just in case it leads to trouble later.


VW UP - Idling clutch noise - 659FBE

It's not the thrust bearing.

The problem is caused by the high level of torsional oscillation generated by the 3 cyl engine, coupled with a minimal amount of light lubricant present in the transmission. These factors cause the mainshaft and output shaft gears to chatter when unloaded.

Both the non-optimal engine configuration (in terms of primary balance and the number of power strokes per crank revolution) and the transmission's operating conditions are dictated by the seemingly overriding requirement to reduce emissions. Proper product development could and certainly should eliminate the audibility of this noise - but as usual, VAG have placed this power unit on the market with shortcomings which are sometimes apparent to their customers.

As with many of their other recently launched products, my advice would be to choose with very great care. Some customers have found VAG's after-sales attitude to such problems to be not entirely to their liking...


VW UP - Idling clutch noise - Rusty VW

I am not sure about your car but I know VW have a problem with Dual Mass fly wheels which are fitted on Manual & DSG gearboxes. VW advertise brand as Luxuary Cars and I agree with 659FBE about poor Customer care.

I would insist that it is sorted it is not your issue if the dealer has to take the gear box out.

If you leave it you will deamed to have accepted solution and may loose your rights.

I would also say why do you want to wait for it to fail as it could cause inconvenience and could be dangerous.

VW UP - Idling clutch noise - Collos25

They should follow your method and still be nowhere in four years.


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