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I have recent purchased a 1999 VW Passat Petrol V6 semi-auto.

It has had temporary starting issues from immediately after buying it. This is often after a short trip, i.e. it starts, drive to shop, won't start. Leaving the car for a while (about 30 mins) then trying again, and it will start. Haven't had any problems on long trips.

The car has been to a mechanics, auto elec and to VW dealership. No-one can identify the issue. They have tried isolating sensors, checking immobiliser and other "obvious" things, but still can't identify the issue.

I am not knowlegeable about car mechanics, so don't really know where to turn!

Has anyone heard of any similar issues / have any ideas?

Many thanks, Cathy.

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VW Passat - Temporary Starting Issues - A3 A4

Had similar on my other half's Audi A3, the cooling fan would sometimes run continuously and the temperature gauge sometimes showing hot, sometimes cold.

I replaced the coolant sensor and it cured both the starting and fan/temp gauge problems.

Its a cheap and easy place to start, once found its easily removed and the VW part no is on the part itself, careful to get the right one, mine cost £7 from ebay.


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