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07 1.8 Pollen Filter - Ben 10
Where is the pollen filter located. I've looked up on Google and one said inside the cabin and another in the engine compartment.
Put me out of my misery. Where exactly is it?
07 1.8 Pollen Filter - gandaulf
on the mk1 its in the engine bay but on the mk2 its benind the center dash and accessed from the passenger footwell
07 1.8 Pollen Filter - Ben 10
Much appreciated gandaulf
07 1.8 Pollen Filter - Chris M
And if it's anything like a CMax (quite likely), it's a pig to get at.
07 1.8 Pollen Filter - gandaulf
this might help
hasent got a fitting guide for the focus 2 but has one for the c max which might be the same
07 1.8 Pollen Filter - Ben 10
I had a look after I posted below. Think the C-Max explanation might be the one. They don't have an intricate description for the Focus 2 yet.
07 1.8 Pollen Filter - Ben 10
I had a C-Max before this, where was it exactly. I still can't find where the hole is for it on the Focus. I guess its a removal of trim job.
07 1.8 Pollen Filter - gandaulf
try this

Fitting Instructions

Where is the pollen filter?
centre - passenger side behind centre consule

Time to change - approx. 20 minutes

Fitting Stage 1:-
Remove the centre consule side panel in the passenger footwell. You may need to peel back the carpet slightly to gain less retricted access to the area behind the centre consule where the filter housing is.

Fitting Stage 2:-
The filter housing has a plastic rectangular access plate secured by screw at the bottom. You may need to partially disassemble ant duct components that obstruct access to this access plate. Once the plate is off the old filter should slide out easily

Fitting Stage 3:-
Once the plate is off the old filter should slide out easily, as it is designed with a flexible frame allowing it to bend round other components. Fit the new filter and refit the access plate and trim

07 1.8 Pollen Filter - Focus05
Having just done this job myself on a 1.6 Ghia I have the following comments to make:

1) Filter is located in a vertical orientation at the very back of the heating and ventilation unit.
2) Filter cover is fitted using 3 or 4 off 7mm hex screws (mine had 3 fitted).
3) Access is from passenger foot well.
4) Remove side panel attached by 2 off T25 screws behind covers.
5) Remove the 2 off 13mm nuts that fix the main fuse board bracket; this allows you to drop the main fuse board down out of the way.
6) If you have a Ghia there is an air-con pipe for the cooled glove box. This is in the way and cannot be removed from the heating and ventilation unit. However it can be disconnected at the glove box end (simple push fit).
7) You can now remove the pollen filter cover screws and remove and replace the filter. You may have to flex the filter to get it in as you can't get straight access to it.
8) I much prefer the under the bonnet approach but the mark 1 did have a habit of leaking.
07 1.8 Pollen Filter - IKM

I too have just done this job on a 2006 1.6 Ghia. I'd like to add the following comments to the above procedure from Focus05.

- I didn't disconnect the battery but was careful not to drop anything into or touch the fuse board with anything metallic.

- There were 4 screws securing the filter cover to the heating and ventillation unit. Three were 7mm hex head screws as expected. The fourth was a T25 head screw which also secured the bracket on the glove box air-con pipe.

- I managed with difficulty to remove the cover and filter but found it impossible to get the new filter into place . It was obstructed by the fixing bracket of the glove box air-con pipe. I removed the interior of the glove box, 5 x T25 screws behind the lid, and this allowed the air-con pipe to be moved further out of the way and allowed the filter to be fitted relatively easily.

- Removing the glove box also gave better access to the fixing screws for the cover and I was able to re-assemble everything quite easily.


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