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Standard Issue Fantasy




The "fantasy" method above maybe works with newish tyres, clean rims, those particular specialist tools, and maybe a bit more skill than I have.

With an old tyre, crusty rims, and car tyre irons, I found it impossible.

With an extension lever (aluminium shelf support channeling) and a central pivot point, easy.


The central fulcrum was the axle. I put some PTFE tape and grease on it and then a bit of aluminium tubing over it to protect the surface and spread the load. I was a bit concerned about possibly damaging the axle, but the force required was much less than I expected.

I wrapped a plastic bag with liquid soap in it around the end of the tyre iron, and soaped the rim.

forumosauploads-12829.kxcdn.com/optimized/3X/9/3/9...g Rather crusty inside, so should perhaps take the rear wheel off too, though it isn't flat.

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