Why didn't he filter? - Crickleymal

There's a section of the Gloucester outer ring road that's single carriageway and is always a bit of a bottleneck. I was driving along it yesterday and it was very slow, about 5 mph or so. The two lanes are separated by a strip of chevrons with dotted sides so it's perfectly legal to go into them and these chevrons go on for a mile.

So there was a bike behind me for the whole of the time we were stuck in traffic. When I was riding I'd have been up the centre like a rat up a drainpipe. I can't figure out why you'd ignore one if a motorbike's best features and dawdle along behind cars.

Why didn't he filter? - Xileno

Lack of confidence maybe. Was it a Learner? Maybe they had been involved in a filter incident before so were playing it safe. I always filter where legal but it can be risky, you need to be very aware of motorists not expecting you to be there. I've had doors open before me with someone emptying what was a cup of coffee that obviously wasn't to their liking. I've had cars suddenly change lanes, not expecting a bike to be coming from behind.

Why didn't he filter? - Crickleymal

No I don't think it was a learner. I couldn't see any L plates. It's just that if there was a safe place to filter that was it. Nice 3ft wide chevrons keeping traffic out if the way. Takes all sorts