What happened here?? DashCam footage - m0bov

Hi, I noticed as I turned the corner the moped ride was getting up off the road.

Should I report it? Was it anything I did or was he just not concentrating?? I was turned left in a filter. The road was wet and greasy.



What happened here?? DashCam footage - Xileno

As you said, the road was wet and greasy. Probably some diesel there as well.

From the footage the accident was nothing to do with you, it's just one of those risks of being on two wheels. Wanting to go and assist the rider is a different matter. In the UK I don't think there is any legal requirement to do so. As a biker I would have stopped to help. Keep that camera footage just in case any nonsense comes later such as saying your braked hard or something.

What happened here?? DashCam footage - m0bov

Yep will do. No I only slowed slightly, the lights for straight on were red anyway, so he had to stop anyway. I only slowed slightly anyway.

Thanks for comments.

What happened here?? DashCam footage - Xileno

Looking at the footage again I think it was diesel. You can see a tracking of something on the road. The rider was lucky there was no vehicle coming the other way. The bike looks like a pizza delivery or similar, I sometimes wonder how much training these riders receive beyond the bare minimum. In the dry you can usually smell diesel before you hit it if it's a recent spill. In the wet it's easier as you will see the rainbow effect. But even the best riders can get caught out.

What happened here?? DashCam footage - craig-pd130

No fault of yours at all. A mix of rider error and what looks like a spill of diesel on the road.

To me it looks like his attention is elsewhere, so he misses that you started to decelerate. When he looks back to where he's going he sees he is suddenly much closer to you, and grabs a handful of brake and locks the front wheel, not helped by there seeming to be something slippery right where he's riding.