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Afternoon all,

My 11plate Mondeo 1.6tdci Econetic suddenly came up with engine malfunction on the motorway yesterday. I lost power and it felt like my turbo had just been switched off. I dont think it was limp mode as I was able to do 40 or 50mph and the car still accelerated albeit very slowly.

Ive had this on a clio and a focus and it was always the EGR valve that was the issue. Took my car in today and the diagnostics mentioned a fault with all 4 injectors. The garage told me they dont suspect it will be all the injectors but the machine faulted them all saying they were at their threshold of being usable.

The thing is today I drove 35 miles home from central birmingham where i left my car last night and it was fine. As soon as i turned the ignition off and on the message went and my car revved freely and boosted in every gear fine.

The garage have told me they have put an additive in my tank and checked the air filter and pipes for blockages / leaks and to just run the car and see how it goes. However If i am potentially going to have to pay £250 per injector plus labour etc then I really need to think about trading the car in before i get landed with a £1300 bill.

Has anyone experienced this issue where it losses power but isnt limping home fully and is still drivable over 30mph etc? and to then have everything reset and drive fine the day after?

I am really hoping the injectors diagnostic error is a red herring? Cheers


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